Well behaved women seldom make god tier.
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Anonymous: hey rose, what do you think about the portrayal of women in homestuck? do you think there are any areas that need to be, well, improved? (sorry i cant think of a better word)

Well, I’m not TOO familiar with Andrew Hussie’s portrayal of our story - once you live something, especially something as traumatic as SBURB was in many ways, you don’t always want to reread it - but I think he captures us relatively well.


I like to consider myself a writer, and will say that there is always room for improvement in anything, but from a feminist standpoint I’m quite contented with his representation of women. None of the female characters are presented as weak or helpless, and nor do they fall into the common idea that strong female characters are all masculine and emotionless. Jane maintains femininity while being a badass, and Nepeta is a sweetheart and a loyal friend who stalks huge murderous animals. I personally like to consider myself feminine and polite, but that doesn’t stop me from gouging out the eyes of my attackers, and Hussie does not shy away from that idea, nor does he reduce us to simple eye candy or there only as romantic other halves. Good job, Mr. Hussie.

Some of you who read Homestuck, though?


Stop treating us as if we are unimportant, or as if we are antagonistic for getting in the way of your homosexuality-fetishizing, mischaracterizing ships, or as if we are dull and boring. We are strong, we are women. Don’t act like if we weren’t boys your opinion wouldn’t suddenly switch. If Jade and I were the boys of our session, you wouldn’t give a shit about John and Dave. It’s a double standard that I cannot abide.

Posted on: February 21, 2013
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